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Gift Wraps

This stunning giftwrap features a collage of beautiful designs by Ruth Maystead in the same designs as the the giftbags above.  Each pack contains 2 sheets of wrap (19 ¾ “ x 27 ½ “) and 2 gift cards. Add a bow and you have a gorgeously wrapped package


Dog Gift Wraps

Cat Gift Wraps

Horse Gift Wraps



Gift Bags

Our gorgeous giftbags feature a collage of beautiful designs by Ruth Maystead. They are available in  2 sizes:  the large bag is 11”high x 9”wide x 4”deep, the small bag is 8.5”high x 6” wide x 4”deep.  There are  32 designs available:  30 dog breeds, 1 cat, and 1 horse design.  The bags  have a shiny patent  finish, contain a gift card, and are made of heavy duty paper; a beautiful way to present your gift..